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The founder Dr. Jason Liu

As our entire nation and world are facing the serious public health crisis caused by coronavirus CODIV-19 pandemic, our mental and physical health and well-being become one of the most serious concerns. This crisis will have a long term impact to all people of our society. To overcome these negative impacts, the core solution is to improve and strengthen our mind-body-spirit health, immunity, mental and physical wellness, vital energy, moral and spiritual quality, and communication, relationship, and unification within all of us, the people, individuals and societies. It is what the Mind-Body Science Institute aims to play a part of such role, out of deep compassion and love for each of individual lives.

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For healing therapy session or health consultation with Dr. Jason Liu at his office 1165 N Del Sol Ln, Diamond Bar, CA, or online video conference, please call at 626-588-7815 or Contact us to request a session scheduling.